b'How much radiation was releasedat SL-1, and how did we clean upthe accident?S ome radioactive elements were released during the accident, primarily radioactive gases like iodine, that would have dispersed (reports state 80 curies of iodine and 1,100 curies of fission products). Surveys were conducted around the area and particularly downwind of the SL-1 site. Contaminants were found at very low levels including on roadways, but they were washed away to ensure they would not leave the National Reactor Testing Station (which later became INL) on vehicle tires. No significant off-site exposure resulted from the event. The contaminated building and equipment, as well as soil and cleanup equipment, were buried near the SL-1 site to minimize the potential to spread contamination. The landfill was later capped with gravel and basalt boulders. And more than 50,000 cubic yards of residual contaminated soil were'