b'How much power doyou generate?W e are the nations nuclear energy research and development laboratory. Over the years, we have produced some electricitynotably when BORAX-III supplied all of the electricity for the town of Arco one night in 1955, marking the first time in the worlds history that a city was powered by nuclear energy. Currently, however, our four reactors are designed for research and do not make electricity. Of the 52 reactors built since 1949 at the 890-square-mile INL Site, three have generated electricity: EBR-I to prove that a reactor could generate usable electricity; BORAX-III lit Arco to prove that the United States nuclear-generated electricity could be supplied to a public grid and power a city; and EBR-II, which for 30 years between 1964 and 1994 supplied 30% to 50% of the electricity needs at the Site.'