b'Spent nuclear fuel (SNF)SNF is fuel that has been withdrawn from a nuclear reactor following irradiation. The constituent elements of the fuel have not been separated by reprocessing. Most SNF is technically not waste because it still contains valuable materials. SNF has been reprocessed to recover those reusable materials in the past, including at INL. Most SNF from commercial nuclear power plants in the U.S. is stored where it is generated. In the case of the U.S. Navy, it is sent to the Naval Reactors Facility on the INL Site for examination and storage. Under current law, SNF in the U.S. is destined for a permanent geologic repository. Because nuclear fuel, when its considered spent, still contains more than 90% of its energy, recycling is possible.There are also some advanced reactor designs in development that could consume or run on spent nuclear fuel in the future.'