b'I D A H O N A T I O N A L L A B O R A T O R Y F Y 2 0 2 0 L A B O V E R V I E WA team from ATR won the 2019 INL Laboratory Director Award for Mission Enabling Operations Support for their work planning and coordinating the successful completion of three complex, mission-critical systems necessary for safe operation of the reactorOPERATIONAL EXCELLENCEI NLs S&T strategy is built on a solid foundation of world-class RD&Dconsisting primarily of roads, railroads, and power-distribution and infrastructure and facilities. INL facilities accommodate thousandscommunication systems, are maintained and operated to serve and of people daily, including employees, facility users, subcontractors,connect campuses and facilities.and others. Sitewide utilities and supporting infrastructure, F Y 1 9 I M PA C T SThe July 2019 Sheep Fire was the largest in INL history, burning 112,107 acres. Emergency Management professionals and volunteer Emergency Response Organization staff initiated their response when alerted to the fire. Throughout on-scene fire response, behind-the scenes crews at Site Emergency Control Centers, Idaho Falls Emergency Operations Center and Joint Information Center provided around-the-clock support. This took the form of planning and decision-making, logistics support,INL is committed to a culture of safety. In FY 19, INLs Specific Manufacturing Capability reached over 1 million hours worked without a Day Away, Restricted and emergency public information for employees, media, andor Transfer casemeeting this milestone for the ninth time in its 35-year historythe public. Some operations were curtailed, and facilities were evacuated during the fire, but no buildings or structures burned, and no one was injured. Because INL provides technical expertise, guidance, training, communications support, and facilities for coordination and management of emergencies, and interfaces and maintains agreements with off-site agencies and communities to plan and prepare for mutual aid in disaster, INL was able to sustain operational excellence during the Sheep Fire.In October 2019, INL occupied two brand new, state-owned buildings at INLs Research and Education Campus: the C3, which houses the Sawtooth supercomputer, is INLs hub for modeling and Collaborative Computing Center (C3) and Cybercore Integrationsimulation, connecting INL to Idahos three research universities and collaborators around the world. CIC brings together the Laboratorys diverse portfolio of research Center (CIC). INL and the state have signed memoranda offocused on increasing the resiliency of the computer control systems operating the understanding establishing expectations on collaborationsnations critical infrastructures.related to the new facilities. C3 and CIC are more than spaces for computers and people: they are a forward-thinking partnership with the state of Idaho that will pay dividends for Idaho residents,17students, and the Laboratory far into the future.'