b'I D A H O N A T I O N A L L A B O R A T O R Y F Y 2 0 2 0 L A B O V E R V I E WEvery day, our talented staff work to produce innovative nuclear energy solutions and other clean energy sources, while protecting the U.S. power grid and vital systems from man-made and natural threats.Completion of our clean energy and nationalI say that because INL continues to expandWe will continue to partner with industry security missions requires vision and a plan.its leadership across the nations science andand government to develop programs and This 2020 Laboratory Overview outlines howtechnology initiatives. initiatives vital to U.S. national security while we intend to accomplish these objectives inWith world-class staff working at state-of- protecting Americas power grid and other service to our fellow citizens. the-art facilities on our 890-square-mile Sitecritical infrastructure from man-made and As we prepare for the future, it is worthand in Idaho Falls, INL is uniquely capable ofnatural threats.noting that 2019 was an excellent year at theresolving specific clean energy and nationalWe will continue to push forward on our work Laboratory, another brick in the research andsecurity challenges. with the National Aeronautics and Space development foundation upon which we willWe stand prepared to demonstrateAdministration, biofuels, electric-vehicle continue to build success. solutions, especially regarding advancedbattery research, advanced materials and In 2019, INL celebrated its 70th anniversary.reactors. For a long time, weve talked aboutmanufacturing, and so much more. And As part of that celebration, the Laboratorynext-generation nuclear reactors. Now,we will continue to do this in 2021 while hosted the Energizing the Modernimplementing the vision laid out by the U.S.embracing transparency and with the safety Agesymposium. Department of Energy (DOE) and Congress,and well-being of our staff foremost in mind.This event brought together leading mindsits time to start building and demonstratingThe following pages highlight some of INLs from science, business, communications,advanced reactors. notable impacts from FY 19 and provide an academia, and conservation and will serveThrough NRIC, INL will work with ouroverview of how we will accomplish our as a starting point for an important andindustry partners DOE to enable the lifeobjectives, implement our vision, and fulfill ongoing conversation. cycle of safe, affordable, and reliable nuclearour obligations to the American taxpayer reactor technologies. going forward.INL was designated the nations National Reactor Innovation Center (NRIC), placing theWe will continue groundbreaking research Laboratory at the forefront of working withand development on integrated energy industry to design, develop, and demonstratesystems, making the current American the advanced reactor systems needed tonuclear reactor fleet and future energy power our future. systems more economically feasible while INL opened the Cybercore Integration Centerreducing carbon emissions.and Collaborative Computing Center. TheseIn 2020, INL will continue laying the state-owned facilities, which are beinggroundwork for a Versatile Test Reactor leased to the Laboratory, enhance our core(VTR), which will allow U.S. scientists and missions while facilitating partnershipscompanies access to vital testing currently with Idahos universities to train andunavailable in our country.educate students. We will work with the U.S. Department Dr. Mark Peters2020 has brought with it significant andof Defense and our industry partners onDirector, Idaho National Laboratoryunexpected challenges, but I anticipatemicroreactor research, a potential game-another excellent year at INL filled withchanger for troops serving abroad, remote notable achievements. industrial operations, and small, isolated communities across the nation.1'