b'I D A H O N A T I O N A L L A B O R A T O R Y F Y 2 0 2 0 L A B O V E R V I E WSTEM tour of INL in partnership with Boise State University and the YMCASTAKEHOLDER AND COMMUNITY EXCELLENCEI NLs relationship with its local, state, andINLs K-12 education programs create aTeam INL is an employee-driven volunteer regional partners is robust, growing, andstrong STEM foundation for students withprogram supporting causes in the mutually beneficial. learning opportunities from preschool tocommunities where INL employees live. INL works closely with local constituentshigh school, setting students on STEMINL employees have completed nearly 400 to address the needs and concerns ofeducation and career pathways. Initiativesvolunteer projects since 2005.community stakeholders. INL providesinclude preschool STEM enrichment, codingINL, on behalf of corporate funds provided DOE with appropriate and timelyand robotics program in the elementaryby BEA, funds philanthropic projects from communication materials to ensuregrades, a pre-freshman engineering STEMnonprofit agencies that focus on health discussions with area Tribal groupscamp for middle school students, andand human services, disadvantaged youth, are coordinated pertaining to theSTEM and STEM-adjacent internships forenvironmental projects, civic affairs, or growth of the lab and new facilities.high school students. For schools andculture and the arts. The priority of INLs Additionally, INL provides outreach andteachers, INL offers a teacher scholarshipcommunity giving program is to give to communications to local constituents andand placement program for recruitingorganizations that support the basic needs of stakeholders, providing information on laband retaining Shoshone Bannock tribalchildren and the underprivileged.growth initiatives. members as teachers in tribal schools. $325k F Y 1 9 I M PA C T Sawarded in scholarshipsMore than The State of Idaho and DOE recently signed and K-12 STEM grants $150M supplemental agreements to the Idaho Settlement Agreement. These agreements facilitate the spent with Idaho-basedLabs nuclear research needs and the long-term companies operations of ATR.18'