b'Cover captionsINLs K-12 science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education and outreach program focuses on developing a skilled, talented, and prepared STEM-literate workforce. Outreach is focused on students, teachers, and the community and strives to instill a STEM mindset, based in a trial-and-error approach, to advance critical thinking. INLs Catherine Riddle leads Cloverdale Elementary School students in a hands-on STEM activity.INLs Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) is the worlds most powerful research reactor and serves as the flagship irradiation facility in the United States, able to support a wide range of experiments for multiple customers simultaneously, including DOE nuclear research and development programs, the U.S. Navy, and university and industry research partners. Operations staff at the ATR are responsible for ensuring the safe and reliable operation and performance of the reactor, including fuel inspections at the ATR canal, as shown here.INL continues to develop electrometallurgical and hybrid zirconium removal prior to extraction (ZIRCEX) in uranium recovery processes. Head-end processes prepare used nuclear fuel for component separation, and are the first step in the process of recovering highly enriched uranium for down-blending. ZIRCEX is a dry head-end process for removing zirconium or aluminum cladding from used nuclear fuel. INLs pilot plant is a one-fourth scale ZIRCEX facility that will demonstrate process control at maximal reactionIdaho National Laboratory rates. Pilot-scale testing will also determine the best equipment designs for the full-scale process.(INL) plays an important role in helping our nation resolve its major energy and security challenges.'