b'INL OVERVIEWA s the U.S. leader for advanced nucleartechnologies. Leading RD&D for advancedthe next generation of reactors, supported energy research, development, andreactor technologies and improved fuelby an advanced fuel cycle, and integrated demonstration (RD&D), INL leveragescycle elements will sustain the existing fleetwith other renewable sources of energy and its talented workforce, world-class testand expand future deployment of nuclearindustrial manufacturing processes. Work bed facilities, and unique infrastructure toenergy. Advances in energy generation,in advanced materials and manufacturing discover, demonstrate, and secure innovativedelivery, and storage technologies willsupports technological advances while nuclear energy solutions, other low-carbonimprove systems integration. Addressingcyber-physical security systems provide energy options, and critical infrastructure. INLmaterials and manufacturing challengesessential protections.combines basic research, applied science andunique to extreme environments will yield engineering, and problem-solving to pursuenew materials and processes for nuclearINLs multidisciplinary approach to RD&D its vision to change the worlds energy futureand other energy systems, as well asleverages robust partnerships with federal and secure our nations critical infrastructure.aerospace, transportation, and defenseentities, other national laboratories, systems. Confronting significant nationalinternational organizations, universities, INL research enables innovative, low- security challenges in critical infrastructureand private industry to accelerate research carbon energy systems that will integrateprotection, cybersecurity, and nuclearbreakthroughs to deployment. Together, baseload power from nuclear and othernonproliferation will secure the cyber- we will achieve low-carbon integrated sources with intermittent renewables,physical infrastructure essential to energyenergy systems, changing the worlds while also repurposing heat and electricityand defense systems. INLs efforts combineenergy future and securing our nations from existing reactors for direct use andto ensure that in the short-term our nationscritical infrastructure.to support industrial processes. Achievingfleet of nuclear reactors remains safe and this integrated low-carbon energy futureeffective, while developing and deploying requires innovation across a spectrum of I N L V I S I O NINL will change the worlds energy future and secure our I N L V A L U E S critical infrastructure.Excellence, Inclusivity, Integrity, Ownership, Teamwork, Safety I N L M I S S I O NDiscover, demonstrate,and secure innovative nuclear energy solutions, clean energy optionsand critical infrastructure.2'