b'I D A H O N A T I O N A L L A B O R A T O R Y F Y 2 0 2 0 L A B O V E R V I E WNUCLEAR REACTOR SUSTAINMENT AND EXPANDED DEPLOYMENTT he baseload power provided by nuclearINL leads in creating and defining the next reactors is essential to the worldsphase of global nuclear energy by driving integrated low-carbon energy future.technological innovations and operational Today, 10% of the worlds electricity comesadvances through proof of concept, proof of from 450 power reactors, and many of thoseperformance, and proof of operations. These are aging. To meet the growing demand foradvances will further U.S. competitiveness sustainable energy, nuclear power generationand leadership in both the existing and the must triple by 2050 to provide 25% of a cleandeveloping nuclear technology markets.INL works with industry on control room and reliable low-carbon mix. Because themodernization effortsaddition of new nuclear energy systems willINLs nuclear reactor sustainment and take time, it is also essential to sustain theexpanded deployment S&T initiative current fleet to facilitate continued safe andadvances foundational science, at scale economical operations in the interim.demonstrations, technology validation, and strategic partnerships to: INL uses its unique combination of world-class1.strengthen the domestic commercial RD&D experience, infrastructure assets, andnuclear energy enterprise, partnership relationships to address the most2.enable U.S. technological leadership in difficult technical and operational challengesglobal nuclear energy markets, and INL partnered with Westinghouse to fabricate the of the existing fleet, advanced fuels, andfirst ever accident tolerant U 3 Si 2fuel pellets inserted advanced reactor design and demonstration3.expand and deploy national nuclearinto a commercial reactorto sustain the existing fleet and expandenergy strategic infrastructures.deployment of nuclear energy in the future.DEMONSTRATE FIRSTCOMMERCIALVTR ADVANCED REACTORSMALL MODULAR MICROREACTORS INMICROREACTORSEstablish fast-spectrumDEMONSTRATIONSREACTORS OPERATINGEARLY 2020s DEPLOYED testing and fuelBY 2028 Enable deployment through Resolve key advancedSupport deployment fordevelopment capability Advanced reactorsiting and technical supportreactor issues remote site power andSupport non-lightdemonstration program 2029 - First NuScale module Open new markets forprocess heat customers water reactor advancedDemonstrate 2 anticipated to commence nuclear energy RD&D to enable broaderreactor demonstrations advanced reactors commercial operationProvide a win to builddeploymentpositive momentum VTRVERSATILE ControlTEST REACTOR Rods Graphite Pump VHTRReactor Very-High-Temperature ReactorCoreGraphiteReflectorWaterBlowerOxygenHeat Heat SinkReactor Helium Exchanger HydrogenCoolantHydrogenProduction Plant02-GA50807-012025 2026 2028 2029INL anticipates deploying new demonstration and test reactors regularly over the next ten years6'